Premier Partner Program

Premier Partners have demonstrated superior skills and market success. They actively collaborate with cloudtrek to deliver significant client value through innovative solutions. In doing this, one of the key benefits of the Premier Partner Program is our ability to help you quickly launch a private cloud practice within your organization. We are selective with our partners as to not create an overlap of partners within any specific territory and in return the partner can enjoy higher profit margins and invest the necessary time and resources in becoming successful with their new cloud private practice.

  • Financial Benefits

    Deep Discount
    Renewal Protection
    Deal Registration

  • Sales Benefits

    Access to Partner Portal
    Incentive Program

  • Training Benefits

    Sales/Technical Training Online
    Troubleshooting Training Online
    Onsite Sales/Technical Training

  • Assigned Resources

    Inside Channel Sales Reps
    Field Channel Account Manager
    Field Sales Engineer
    Marketing Support

  • Technical Support

    Dedicated Partner Support

Referral Program

cloudtrek is a leading provider of IaaS solutions with hundreds of satisfied users around the US. Since our founding in 2008, our focus has been on a highly customized IaaS offering that includes unmatched support with a partner you can trust. A significant and growing portion of our success is because of our referral partners. Cloudtrek solutions are well-suited for Referral relationships that yield on-going monthly revenue to you or your company. There are many advantages to joining us as a referral partner.

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Why Consider Referral Program?

  • Very competitive referral agreements
  • Ongoing referral fees for the life of the customer
  • No minimum referral volume requirements
  • The aggressive referral structure ensures high returns for referral agents with high close volumes
  • Cloudtrek does not undercut our referral agents when upgrades or renewal times come around
  • As a Cloudtrek referral partner, you will be our “feet on the street” providing added value to your local customers and friends.
  • An aggressive discount program for non-profit organizations, Government/Churches/Schools/Charities


About Our Services

  • Extended 2-5 year contracts
  • Free 24/7 email and phone technical support, with expert consultation and rapid response
  • Free training and product updates – your referral will be assured of having the most up-to-date information available
  • Cloudtrek utilizes only AT101, Type2 SOC2 Data Centers – certified by independent accounting agencies
  • Easy installation and support, product stability and reliability, and ease-of-use for your customer, makes your job simple.


How We Can Help You

  • As a Referral agent, your customer will have priority access to technical support 24/7 via phone and e-mail
  • Our Referral support team is available to help you with Data Center tours, customer meeting and conference calls
  • Access to the Cloudtrek marketing tools (logos, leaflets, brochures, posters, testimonials, etc.),
  • Referral agents receive our Alerts via e-mail when customer signs up or upgrades.
  • Social Media access that will be bringing you important news about IaaS, and events.

Sign up today!  We will get right back to you with all the details. IT’s easy, straight forward and a reliable way to grow your financial independence. The best part is you will never have to sell or support the client.

  • Great for IT consultants
  • IT Managers
  • Technology Sales People
  • Telecomunication sales people
  • Anyone really!

Become a partner today and enjoy:

  • Referral fees with no financial investment
  • Demo accounts to increase your product knowledge
  • Short sales cycle on in-demand products
  • Quarterly payments